Analog lab crashes, please help

Hello, I hope y’all having a good day/night, I’ve been having issues with analog lab for a whiiiiiile now and I’m tired of it, this is why I’m seeking help right now.

I had analog lab for years, I encountered 2 problems.
The 1st is that there are some presets that I can’t load, it makes FL crash, I call them “cursed presets”, everytime I try to load them up it crashes, it’s too annoying because I can’t work like that. when i buy a new bank from other producers, maybe 10 presets or more are cursed… It messes up my workflow because there are more cursed presets that I know of, so when I’m in a session, having ideas I try different presets until I fall upon a cursed presets and it crashes. several times.

The second problem is almost 1/5 preset is missing samples from Arturia keyboards and pianos, Pigments or Arturia synth collections even though I have these plugins… Here’s an example : (The example shows 3rd party presets not opening, but it’s to illustrate, I get the same problem with other presets except it says "missing files from Pigments or other synths)

I’m getting desperate because I love analog lab so bad and I think this is one of the greatest plugins of all time but it never worked for me, ever since i downloaded it for the first time, it never worked properly and I cannot work like that.

To solve this problem, a week ago I did a factory reset on my PC thinking it would correct all the bugs i’ve been having, but no it’s just the same…
I got Analog lab subscription on splice so I did all the updates, have the latest version, but still, it crashes with cursed presets, even in standalone!!!

Please help me on my journey to make Analog lab V work, I’ve been searching for an answer on the internet for too long I need to make work Analog freaking Lab.

Thank you for reading this.

Hi @russ. Welcome to the community.

It’s never fun, when things not working.

But it sound to me like you say you have issues with third party soundbanks/ presets…
Keep in mind that third party soundbanks/ presets for example perhaps also use audio samples that you need to install in a correct location to make things work. There should be guidelines with the soundpacks, - at least if they are commerciel. The samples will be missing, if they are not at the correct location.

If they are not commersiel soundbanks/ presets then there can be issues with samples that you don’t have and that are not in the soundpacks.

It does’nt look like a Analog Lab issue.

Do you have any issues with any of Arturias presets? In that case, can you name a factory preset to test?

I’m not sure why Analog Lab crash for you. It can be preset related, i guess.

I have had some crash problems as well, but the crash on loading have only happened with like 1 or 2 presets (presets that may very well have been from a very old version of Analog Lab or something, I don’t know) or when I overload the CPU (like rapidly switching presets while running an arp on that midi track, when some instruments already take up considerable CPU space just on their own), so it is not crash-proof (not saying this is claimed of course) but mostly i just wanted to chime in…for the record or something >_<