I have an Audiofuse 16Rig, and also just acquired a used 8Pre. I also have a Behringer ADA8200.

Following the diagram in the manual, I have the 8Pre connected to ADATs In 1 and Out 1. I have the Behringer connected to ADATs In 2 and Out 2.

I have a 75 Ohm BNC cable from the OUT of the 16 Rig to the IN of the 8Pre, I then have the 8Pre OUT BNC connected up to the single BNC port of the Behringer.

The Behringer has a switch on the back that I set to SYNC IN, which according to the manual means it should follow word clock.

In AudioFuse Control Center, I set the clock source to Internal, Sample Rate to 48khz, WordClock Termination is left at 75Ohm, and WordClock Pass Through is disabled (which I THINK is right, since the 16 Rig is the source?).

For the 8Pre, I have it set to WORD Clock, Sample Rate is grayed out, and I have Pass Thru enabled.

Unfortunately, all of the channels from the Behringer are pegged at 100% with horrid static.

Interestingly, if I flip the switch on the Behringer to “ADAT IN” as the clock source, it seems like it’s working fine.

I only see one of the “sync” LEDs lit up on the front, though.

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong? This is my first WORD CLOCK experience.


And here her the cable I am using to connect these:

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Just a follow-up…

I seem to have resolve this using a BNC T-connector, instead of the internal pass-thru on the 8Pre.

So the 16Rigs output cable connects to the BNC T, the T is connected to the 8 Pre’s input port, and the other end of the BNC T runs to the Behringer ADA8200.

Everything seems synced up.

What finicky antiquated tech from the 90s here! (word clock, that is) :slight_smile:


This ended up not being a solution at all.

It’s still not working.

Most wordclock terminators I’ve seen are 75 Ohm. Did you mean 75 when you typed 750? Likely does not matter as the 16Rig is not the end of the wordclock chain. On some older equipment (back when I used several Tascam DA78s) you had to use a BNC “T” connector at the end of the clock chain with a 75-ohm terminator cap on the open end of the “T”, the other end connected to the final device in the chain.

Yes, of course, I just typo’d that. It’s 75 Ohm.

I’ve given up on the ADA8200 and instead am now using Focusrite 8Pre Dynamic.

It’s syncing up to the WORD clock much better.

I had made a little bit of progress using the AudioFuse 8Pre as the clock source, but still, something the ADA8200 would go off into space and blast me with static.