Acid in Analog Lab - when?

When is Acid going to show up in Analog Lab? Updated and it’s not in there.

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I’m afraid we don’t know exactly when, yet, but if you subscribe to our newsletter you’ll be sure to hear about it as soon as it is.

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Yesterdays ALV update was all about integration of Acid V. It’s allready there.
Do you own ACID V?


No but that’s never been a problem with Analog Lab V. You could still see and play the synths one doesn’t own. But apparently not this time. I repeat: Acid is NOT in the updated ALV. Arturia screwed up on this one.

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ACID V is in the updated ALV.

For example Augmented brass and Piano does’nt appear in Analog Lab - at least not for me. I don’t own those applications or any soundpacks that have presets from them. It look like you need to own something that unlock an application in Analog Lab now. So ACID V is’nt the first.
I don’t know, if this will be standard procedure, or even if it’s meant to be like this. But it look like to me it right now.
Everything is in order, if this is the way Arturia want it to be now. We can only wonder, why it’s changed.
Actually it allways did take some time before new applications was added to Analog Lab. It’s very fast ACID V is added.

You can demo ACID V for free by downloading the full application. So it’s not like you can’t check it out.

I’m going to disagree with you - Augmented Brass and Piano ARE in ALV. Acid isn’t. As I said before you didn’t have to own a synth to be able to play it in Analog Lab; you couldn’t make changes beyond certain basics as granted by macros but you could still play it. If Arturia changed something they should officially say so.

Yeah I can download it but that doesn’t mean anything. Demos are time limited but stuff in AL isn’t (or at least it didn’t used to be).

I don’t see where I’m in breach of any ‘code of conduct’.

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You must have a license for something that give you access to Augmented Brass it look like to me.
Here is a thread from the legacy forum about it, with a post from Arturias Matthieu.

Perhaps that’s a reason for a new policy, if there is one like it look like now.

But you can ask Arturia directly about it, in case they don’t reply here.

I gave up a long time ago asking Arturia about anything. If there’s a new policy they should come right out and say so. Yes I own Augmented Brass but as I keep saying that used to never matter. It was a great way to check out things without time-limited demos.

Yes. And it’s fair to to have the opinion it was better before.

Perhaps there will be a few presets from all excisting applications in Analog Lab without having to own the applications, when the next V-Collection arrive. I will not rule that out.

Hey @jackn2mpu thanks for asking,

We’re sorry to tell you that you won’t be able to see ACID V on ALV if you don’t have activated the individual licence AND updated ALV to the latest version which is the

If all is ok, you should have ACID on ALV as here:

If you’re expecting other problems please feel free to create a ticket in order to register the issue properly and do a follow up based on your setup.

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Hope you’re all doing fine.

Let’s try to clarify a few things as there seem to be some confusion here.

So, after reading your comments and double checking these aspects to confirm the current situation, here are some important information:

-Analog Lab V already includes Acid V, however the engine and the presets will be only accessible to Acid V owners unfortunately.

So, to see it displayed this requires to have a valid Acid V license and have it properly activated through the Arturia Software Center.

Of course, i understand that based on your past experience and the fact that presets dedicated to newly released instrument are not being accessible anymore to user not owning the corresponding licenses may be frustrating and i’m sorry about that but unfortunately we cannot do that much about that.

As a side note, i also double checked and can also confirm that Augmented Brass & Augmented Grand Piano presets are not accessible neither without owning their corresponding licenses, so i must admit that i’m a bit confused regarding this aspect.

To confirm that:
-If you do deactivate through the Arturia Software Center all of your licenses and then only activate Analog Lab V, could you please confirm if you do still currently these instruments and their related presets?

Normally you should something similar to the screenshot below (With only Factory presets being displayed):

Of course, let me know if this seems to match with what we see on our side.

Thank you by advance and looking forward to hearing from you!

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Why the change in policy? It used to be that you could still use a synth you don’t own in Analog Lab - you just couldn’t change anything other than what the macro knobs allowed.

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Why the change in policy? Before it was a great way to check out something without being hampered by a time limited demo.

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I am relatively new to using Arturia’s products, so I’m staying out of the change-of-procedures debate. I can see both sides, but with regard to Acid V, I was able to use it as a demo. So, I got to experience it in its fullest and make a decision if I wanted to buy it at the Intro price or wait to see if there will be any expansion packs that will let me use it in ALV or wait to see if it will be in included in an updated V Collection should I want to do that. Of course, I think like a newcomer to Arturia, not a Veteran.

“I’m going to disagree with you - Augmented Brass and Piano ARE in ALV. Acid isn’t.”

“You must have a license for something that give you access to Augmented Brass it look like to me.”

I had purchased Augmented Strings and Augmented Voices but not Augmented Piano or Augmented Brass. So when I bought a three-pack recently (Damaged Pianos, Future Voices, and Suspense Strings), I got access to the ALV version of Augmented Pianos. Since I don’t have any expansion packs with Augmented Brass samples and presets, its not accessible in ALV.

If I were a long-time user of Arturia products, I might be upset, too, if this is an unannounced change in ALV policy. To be honest, even as a relative newcomer, I wish I could upgrade my Augmented Instruments to include Brass and Piano at an affordable price or could purchase a special Bundle that would give me presets and samples for Augmented Brass inside ALV.