Accessing more synth controls with Analog lab and Keylab mk2

Hi, just got a new Keylab 61 mk2, been reading through manual, mcc manual and Analog Lab manual but haven’t found what I’m looking for.

I own V collection 8

Say I select the CS80 and a random preset from it. The 8 knobs and faders are mapped to various things (not at PC at moment).

I believe I can reassign them to whatever I want, but is the amount of different parameters always fixed to 8 knobs and faders or is there a way of flicking through to other pages, so that from my keylab mk2 I can access most of the available parameters for whatever synth I’m using without having to use my mouse.

Not sure I’m making myself very clear, the NI vid below from 35:40 (should auto start from there) it explains how Native Instruments new NKS and Komplete Kontrol can do this, but it would be nice if I could do similar on my Arturia controller


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The knobs on the MK2 are specifically mapped for Analog Lab, however, it’s very interesting the solution proposed by NI.

I guess a potential solution on the MK2 could be using the Macro controls which can be mapped to control several parameters at the same time, although, it’s really not the same as having each encoder pre-mapped individually for every function. (Also, you could try manually mapping the individual parameters in User mode but i don’t think this might be very practical)

I found this other topic for a request on the next version of KeyLab and I think adding these controls would be a great addition given the extensive parameters that modern synths require nowadays.

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Hi @HobGoblyn ,

yes you can map something yourself in presets.
There is’nt mapping pages as such.
You can map more parameters in the individual applications and use midi configs.

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Hi, this is not new to the NKS2, people could browse through banks of parameters using the NKS(1) as well. The new thing is that they map some banks to specific types (for example effects and so on).

On a Keylab MK2, we get the “defaults” parameters pre-mapped by Arturia. These are supposed to be the most popular ones. However, by going to the USER mode of our Keylab we can then have 10 user presets multiplied by 3 banks of controls which we can manually map.

Now, if you happen to be on Cubase, I do have a script for the Keylab MK2 which sets its 8 knobs and faders to banks of instrument quick controls (and this not restricted to Analog Lab), and we can have as many banks of them as we need. I’m sure this can also be done in other DAWs but I just didn’t get to try them.


Many thanks

I’m sure I’ll get there in the end.

I’m using Studio One