Your tips for newcomers in music production?

Hey sound explorers,

If you’re anything like me, you know how thrilling but bewildering the world of music production can be when you’re just starting out. So, here’s a simple idea: let’s help those who are just dipping their toes in the musical waters.

If you’ve got some pearls of wisdom, insights, or tips to share with the newcomers, whether it’s about selecting the right equipment, finding your groove, or anything else related to music production, please chime in. :zap: We’re all about making the journey into production a tad less daunting for the rookies out there.

We believe that even the smallest piece of advice can be a game-changer for someone starting their music production adventure.

So, what’s your sage advice for newbies? Feel free to drop it right here! :control_knobs:

Hi @has.arturia,

If someone asked me that question, then i would ask questions about it as it depends.
I suggest Arturia for example make some articles about:

  1. Music making, performance and production with and without a computer and/ or a DAW - including setup examples. A tip could be to think about what one want to do - and about if recording is needed or not.
  2. Picking the right computer parts. Tips could be about when and why single core performance is most important and when and why many cores can be important. And about if a graphip card is needed, and if then what performance to look for.
  3. Picking the right soundcard - including about when it’s needed. Tips could be about choosing the numbers of in- and outputs and about performance.
  4. Picking the right controller. And here also add more info about keybeds on sales sites and in videos. Tips could be about key size and numbers, aftertouch and so on. I wonder why official videos about the products rarely is about keybeds and related functionality.
  5. Choosing to use hardware and/ or software instruments. For example MiniFreak is a hybrid and have it’s own benefits. Tips could be about the benefits and usage setups.
  6. What midi is - including it’s not a audio signal, and about what Mackie HUI/ MCU is. This a generel tip i would give to learn about.
  7. Perhaps a few tips about some computer settings that can be important for audio production. Not too detailed like many guides out there are.
  8. Perhaps full setup guides for controllers in DAW’s. As it is now Arturia only tell about the DAW control. It can be very helpful for the understanding to also add the keyboard control setup.

Individual questions beside this, can users then ask - for example in this forum.

Just some of my thoughts about this.