Yet another FREE Pigments patch collection

Free collection of 32 patches for your delictation.


Thanks. Looking forward to giving them a try. Not essential since it was fairly easy to tweak a pervious Sound Bank I downloaded, but do you have a list of the libraries you used? Not a concern if you are sticking to the factory resources (as opposed to purchased Sound Banks).

I have tried to stick to the Arturia samples and wavetables as supplied in Pigments 3, 4 and 5.

Hopefully there will be no problems.


Monsieur @Funtmaster
With zeese Pigments sounds you are spoiling us! :wink:

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How would one use these, after downloading them onto my MacBook Pro via Dropbox?

In the menu drop-down in Pigments is the option to IMPORT a patch or collection. Use this to select the download and that’s it. The new collection will appear in the patch browser as others do.

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Thank you very much @Funtmaster
Very generous of you. I really like ‘Resonator’, ‘Twinkle Eyes’ and ‘Thru the Gloom’.
There are some ‘missing samples’ issues I have come across. I own V Collection X, so I should have the full default set. And I also have Arovane Signature.
Missing files.
‘Deep Gone’

  • /Factory/Building Waves/Guitar Folk Clean C4.wav
  • /Factory/__Noises/Arovane Signature/Boiling Water.wav
    ‘Far East’
  • /Factory/Building Waves/Folding.wav
    ‘Field of Fear’
  • /Factory/Building Waves/Rossum Graou.wav
  • /Factory/Building Waves/Fm Filter Woo.wav
    ‘Some Hold’
  • /Factory/__Noises/Arovane Signature/Boiling Water.wav
    ‘Stab in the Dark’
  • /Factory/Building Waves/Feedback.wav

It could be my end having a problem, of course, but I thought I would let you know anyway.

Oooo. Easy. Nice. So then… got any other Pigments presets?

Damn! I thought I had got past this issue. If I have time, I will look into it. In the meantime, substituting with other samples would probably lead to some interesting variations on my patches :slight_smile:




No way! Dude, thanks! I’m a huge fan of using presets to come up with a new tune. Thanks a bunch!

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To his credit (and our benefit) @Funtmaster has made the choice to limit his samples to factory samples included in the Pigments series. I have found all of the wav files on my system, though not in the folders listed above. I have found It is not really too difficult to find the samples and to edit the presets to point them.

I am not sure how the installers decide where to put samples. Maybe it depends on the existing files structure from previous versions of Pigments. Dunno.

Again, thanks for making your presets available.


Thanks for the appreciation. You may be on to something there. One day I will have to reinstall OSX and all the Arturia stuff from scratch as I cant really get a handle on what’s happening. But hey: free patches (just replace with your desired sample here). Its all creativity…


In hopes that it helps others, I’ll share this. Not sure which bank its from, but one preset uses the 1963.wav sample. Pigments reports the attempted import as

C:/ProgramData/Arturia/Samples/Pigments/Factory/__Noises/Guitar Deconstructed/1963.wav

When I search for this file to remap it I found I have several copies of it.

  • C:/ProgramData/Arturia/Samples/Pigments/Factory/__Noises/Beatmakers’ Haze/1963.wav
  • C:/ProgramData/Arturia/Samples/Augmented VOICES/Factory/Samples/Pigments Noises/1963.wav
  • C:/ProgramData/Arturia/Samples/Augmented GRAND PIANO/Factory/Samples/Pigments Noises/1963.wav
  • C:/ProgramData/Arturia/Samples/Augmented BRASS/Factory/Samples/Pigments Noises/1963.wav
  • C:/ProgramData/Arturia/Samples/Pigments/Factory/__Noises/Hardware/1963.wav

I will make time to give them a try. Another option I tried was to use the Pigments panel to reassign non-sounding samples to analog or wavetable sounds.

Thanks & congrats! Very interesting sounds!

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This is, of course, the correct answer :wink:


I have had success using both analog sources and wavetables in place of missing samples. So, if it’s a multiple-choice, I’d choose “All of the above.” :wink:


I’m thinking I should label these patch collections as “Remix ready”.



Thank you very much!!


Thank you so much, these are wonderful!

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