Why the generative AI stuff?

Why do you use generative AI for the preset pack images?

One of them even has the watermark from one of the stolen artworks the ai was trained on on them (Or the “K” is for “Earthquake Bass”, the name of the pack)

It also looks so cheap. I used to love Arturia for their UI and overall design as well as attention to detail in this stuff but I don’t really want to support a company that sells tools for creatives (musicians) but profits from the exploitation of other creatives (visual artists). And it’s so unnecessary too. If you can’t afford a graphic designer for a 15€ preset pack, just put a plain/empty image there. Would be better than this.

Luckily there are a lot of developers that don’t do this although it’s sad to see Arturia go this route. Maybe I’ll get back to Arturia products in the future if they stop this nonsense.

Sorry for this rant but I know some actual artists so I’m biased in this topic and see it’s relevance…
If Arturia sees this: The question at the top was an honest question. Was it just for saving money? Was it laziness?

Also, the intention of this topic is not to be hate speech or anything. This is just my honest opinion and view on this. Sorry if this doesn’t come across as intended.