Why does BSP show-up with two separate midi interfaces?


When I connect the BeatStep Pro through the USB midi interface it shows itself as 2 separate midi devices: one for the sequencers and another one for the Mackie control.

Is it because the MCU protocol needs an individual interface? And if so, how can I disable MCU so it doesn’t expose itself?

It conflicts with an automated mapping function of a 3rd party USB Midi Hub. I only use the Midi Controller part (the knobs) for controlling VST / AUv3 plugins and I think it doesn’t need the second ‘ Mackie’ interface for that…


Hi @MaikR .

Mackie are used to control DAWs/ hosts.

I don’t think you can remove it form the list. Just don’t select it, if you don’y need to use it.

It should not coarse conflicts in it self.