Why AT and KBD are coloured in pink even if no modulation destination is assigned from?


There are 5 MIDI modulation sources in Pigments: velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, keyboard, and expression pedal.

I noticed that when no modulation is assigned from AT or KBD, the slot is still pink, wether others are grey (as any other modulation that is not linked to at least one destination).

In my point of view, there is no reason to keep this behavior.

What do you think?


I understood how it works.

In fact, the colour does not indicate assigned modulation for the current slot but a general modulation from this parameter.

Example: if amp mod is assigned to velocity (resp. aftertouch), the velocity (resp. aftertouch) slot will be pink.

Example: if the FM source of at least one filter is assigned to KBD (even if the filters are turned off), the keyboard slot will be pink.

This raises a question: why is the KBD pink when the filter is disabled? It should be grey until the filter is enabled.

What do you think?


Yes. It’s also if they are used in the Random or Combinate modules.

This is a valid argument in all cases where a modulator is in use in a inactive module.
But one can also ask, why the filter have modulations added, if it’s not used for anything. The module could be set to be turned on on the fly, and then it’s in use.
But yes this can be discussed. Not sure it’s as simple as it seems to change this though.