Which KeyLab device makes sound without a computer

Trying to find my way through MIDI…

For performance looking for a keyboard (I need piano sounds) that I can connect standalone & directly to my loopstation without the need for a computer. It is so much more convenient. But don’t know if there is any Arturia device that can do that.
Is there any advise you can give me?

Hi @JLspace . Welcome to the community.

The Lab keyboards are controllere. Controllere does’nt have any onboard sounds. They can play hardware sound sources using MIDI output without using a computer. Othervise you need a computer to play software soundsources.
MIDI is messages - not audio in it self.

You need a keyboard with onboard sounds and that have audio outputs to use it as a soundsource by it self.
Arturia do have synths keyboards but not dedicated Piano keyboards.