Which Fuse is right for me?

I have a simple setup. I have a mic, camera, Korg synth, and a Traktor DJ controller with simple studio monitors. I also stream my DJ sets occasionally on Twitch using OBS. This could evolve into streaming a talk show with overseas guests coming in via Skype or Facebook Video Chat.

I’m not looking to expand beyond this in terms of outboard gear.

I do a lot of remixes, mashups, and recorded DJ sets, however, I’m branching off into production by incorporating my synth.

Based on my input and output requirements outlined above, which fuse interface do you recommend I get? I’m leaning toward the Arturia AudioFuse Studio but if something cheaper will do the job, I’m all for it.



I own the Studio and the 8pre, and after one whole year or recording, I don’t really think I needed the 8pre. I don’t really record more than 4 tracks at once. If that’s you (not needing more than 4 live xls inputs at the same time), Id think the Studio is for you.

Just my 2 cents…

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Hi @Garner and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

That’s some good advice from @damnedcat777

Something to consider though is if you’re likely to expand your setup in the future and will you need extra I/O etc? If you’re sure you won’t, then you’ll get a great interface for your money with The AFS.

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