Which Collection do I have?

Relatively new to Arturia.
Trying to figure out - do I have a Collection? If yes - what’s the version?

What I got:
Arturia mk11 keyLab 61
Arturia Lab Pro that came with it.

I guess I do have a collection - total # of presets is 10k+.
But I’m lost trying to understand - what version? Why it matters? Thinking of getting some preset packs from Tecker Beats; they are listed as “for 8-9 Collection”.

I’m guessing mine is not X; otherwise I’d see 30+ s/w synths, with deep editing.
I don’t; presets are split by Instrument category, but I do not see the synths themselves.

Which brings another question: X and its 30+ synths.
How do the synths integrate with ALab Pro UI?
The only separate synth I have now (bought separately) is Pigments - but it’s a separate app, not visible from, or integrated into ALab Pro UI itself.

Hi @tomilchik ,

You don’t have any V-Collection it seems. You have Analog Lab. Analog Lab PRO is a part of V-Collection, but it’s not the whole V-Collection.
V-Collection have all the individual applications in where the presets originally is designed.

When you own a full individual application, then it can be opened inside Analog Lab. This for example include Pigments. So as you own Pigments, then you can use Pigments by iy self, but you can also use it and open it inside Analog Lab for deep editing of presets.
You can for example open Pigments inside Analog Lab if you hoower over the instrument image in the right side of Analog Lab and then click the Open Pigments text button that appear beneath the image. Please also consult Analog Lab manual about all this.

Versions can matter. Each V-Collection can have new and/ or upgraded instruments where older presets does’nt work. And presets form the same instruments can’t work in older V-Collections. Have you checked about further informations about this on the webshops you want to use?

Be sure you can install the presets in Analog Lab too somehow, as long as you don’t have the full individual applications. The dealer should have the informations about this - perhaps even on their website.
I don’t know about the dealer you mention.

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Good points!
Lithmus test was: hover over an Instrument an click “Open” on it.
Only Pigments (I own it) opens the Pigments screen in ALab. Others: “you don’t own. Visit us, etc.”

QQ re: presets tweaks:
Looks like with what I have - I can tweak them (regardless of what Instrument they were created with), but - using generic set of knobs (like what’s on mkii 61) that give me limited access to what can actually be tweaked if I were to use the Instrument itself.
I guess this is one major diff: I own the Instrument - I can use full set of options/workflow for sound-making. Without that - limited tweaks.
Do I understand it correctly?

Yes that’s correct.

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