Where to get MiniBrute Patch Cards?

Anyone know where you can buy patch cards for minibrute?
Can’t find any supplier anywhere! I know they exist as they occasionally turn up on youTube videos…

HI @keithpeptone . Welcome to the community.

Is’nt there anything among the synths documentations?
If not then i suggest you try a web search.

Yes, of course that’s where I’ve tried first - but as i said above - can’t find a supplier anywhere. (and nothing in the manual)

Found via a web search: Arturia have accessories that include the Minibrute preset sheets it look like.
Have a look here: https://www.arturia.com/store/accessories
Hope it work, if that’s waht you are loooking for.

Fantastic - thank you very much!
Puzzled about why this “accessories” section does not appear under Products menu on Arturia site, nor do these cards appear in “All” or “Other”… but great to have a direct link.
Someone had suggested they came with the synth, but mine was second hand and these were missing.

Yes it’s not easy to find the accessories. In the bottom of the Arturia.com website there is a STORE link where a link to Accessories excist. I’m not sure if there are other ways to find this.
Yes it is possible to use the Search and for example search “accessories”.