Where to find Midi Control Numbers?

I’d like to use Pigments with the Stepic sequencer. This sequencer allows you to also sequence automation of various parameters using CC numbers. Is there somewhere I can find a list of the CC numbers that Pigments uses?

There is a small set of default CC#s, but the majority of them (literally, hundreds) are customizable in the MIDI Settings panel.

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There certainly is you’ll be pleased to hear.
Just click the cogwheel icon in the top right hand corner of the GUI and you’ll find them listed in there. Iirc you can remap them too.

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I am trying the exact thing as OP (controlling Pigments parameters from Stepic through CC). I’m unsuccessful. Maybe someone could let me know what I’m doing wrong:

  1. I select the “MIdi” tab
  2. I select the “Generic Midi Controller” from the Midi Controller drop down
  3. I create a fresh, empty, Midi config (file)
  4. I select the “Learn” button
  5. I click on any of the Pigments control parameters (they are now marked with a purple overlay)
  6. The control name is then showing up in the list but without any parameters (such as CC # etc.)

At this point I’m lost. I have no way of saving it. I have no obvious way for configuring parameters such as Chanel, CC#, Min/Max etc. I can’t save it either.

I have no issues manipulating Pigments parameters, from Stepic, that are already listed and have a midi CC # assigned to them (like those showing in the “Default” Midi config file).

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

After clicking “Learn” and selecting the Pigments control you want to adjust (either in the Pigments GUI or the MIDI Settings list), you most likely need to use whatever control in Stepic you want to use to adjust that parameter, so it will learn the CC that Stepic control is using.

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That’s it! I entered a #CC value into Stepic’s automation tab, and using its “Ping” function, it “registers” with Pigments when it’s in learn mode.

Many thanks.

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