Where is the BeatStep Pro MkII?

BSP has a lot going for it. 14 VC outputs (that’s 6 more than OXI One), the one-encoder-per-step design is a more direct and efficient workflow than some competitors. The overall design is great.

Why doesn’t Arturia update this design? Was it not a commercial success? It’s been 8-9 years since the BSP was released. I think there is a great opportunity here to learn from the mistakes of the past and give this product a refresh. Maybe add more sequencers, make the physical size even more compact and lightweight, add support for polyphony, improve generative features, and fix some of those bugs (audio noise, clock issues, temperamental encoders…

I just bought the BSP recently, but now I’m curious about some of the features of the Oxi One. But I think the BSP encoders make for a better workflow… also, I work with some modular gear, so I appreciate that the BSP has more CV outputs…

Will Arturia create a new hardware sequencer? Or do you feel the market is already saturated? Hasn’t the debut of Oxi One shown that there’s demand for new approaches? You’ve received 8+ years of product feedback. Why not do something with it?


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Hopefully they’ll choose the same approach as with the KSP. First slightly update the original hardware… and put some effort in its firmware.

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ah seems I was wrong; Oxi One has more CV/Gate outputs in total.