Where is all the love?

I am loving the Minibrute V. However, I dont see a lot happening here to acknowledge its arrival.

So, here are the first 16 patches I have created:




Love at first sight, Funtmaster?
Why not.

I’m still evaluating the demo so, alas, I can’t load your generous offer.
I have a Matrixbrute so I thought: it’s not for me.
It’s probably quite different from the hardware MiniB.

The more I tweak the MiniB V, the more I see it as a SEM V2: easy to tweak with immediate gratification. You hit a seq or an arp with a backbeat and turn knobs with surprising results.

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Of course it’s not as deep a Pigments or many other synths but what it does, it does well.

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I find the comparison appropriate. I think the MiniB V team aimed at effective simplicity instead of complexity. By effective, I mean quickly yielding interesting results.

Hey @Funtmaster

Cheers for the presets, i’m in the middle of a studio redo here at the moment, but will look at them as soon as i have time, no doubt they’re up to your usual high standard though!

Yeah i’m surprised it’s not getting more lurrrve as you say, it’s a SUPERB plugin too, putting it next to some of my own analogue synths it stands up against them REALLY well i think.
I’m loving it for bass sounds, it’s capable of ‘much phattttness’ on the ‘MJ Phatttometer’ i have here! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :yum:

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I dont have the ‘MJ Phatttometer’ but my ‘LP Seismotromiter’ goes off the scale. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it! :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:

I would like to check out your patches…but how? The page(dropbox) I went to says “cant load this type of file”.
and the minibruteV is great. Simple for simple people like me. But powerful, which scares me but Ill get use to it.


– Harald

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Oh wow thankyou so much! I have been composing and arranging music for most of my life and have only recently entered the realm of synthesis and it feels like a new layer of depth has been removed and exposed for exploration. What you guys do is nothing short of wizardry and i am very grateful. Looking forward to getting home and trying these out!


Below that message is the Download button. Download them and import them into Minibrute V via the dropdown menu on the top left of the Minibrute screen.

I have Pigments. I’m playing with the Minibrute V demo and wondering what it does that I can’t already do with Pigments.

Of course Pigments can cover a lot of sonic territory but Minibrute V still has something to offer. Maybe it’s the simplicity or immediacy or it just sounds different and has a character of its own - I dont know. Sometimes you dont need a Rolls Royce to get from A to B when a Ford Fiesta will do the job just as well.


It’s like low level and high level programming languages.
You can do anything in machine language (assembler) but if you want to do human language processing (like question-answer systems) you’d better use higher level languages like LISP with string manipulation operators, otherwise you’ll lose your time reinventing the wheel.

I bought the MiniB V and could import your presets. Very interesting and original presets.

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Hello and thank you for these new presets.

I’m just close to the deal to invest in MiniBrute.

Well I should certainly have taken advantage of the update to the X collection with the added bonus of MiniMoi but it was BBC Symphony Orchestra Core which won the bid being at least 50%.

But no worries one day soon when my finances are in good shape, during an interesting discount I will upgrade to the increased version.

In any case Arturia will remain in my preferred software investments, Komplete 14 Utimate is too space intensive and kontatk7 too resource intensive for my i5 core, 16 ram.

Arturia is a good compromise for my FL Studio 21.+.

Musical Friendship.


I’ve owned the MiniBrute V for a few days now. Things like the metalizer, ultrasaw, and brute factor make it stand out, and the FX need no introduction.

Something that really sold it to me was that the LFO seems to snap to DAW playback position when synced. To me this makes a synth a lot more convenient to use, but it’s not something I see with all synths that sync their LFOs. They’ll sometimes just use the DAW tempo but still be free-running.

Even if a lot of them have retrig, sometimes you want a slower LFO with a faster passage, and you want it to have consistent output. Sure, this can be done with DAW LFOs, but it just makes sense that the one built into the actual synth is at least as capable. It also adds some convenience to automating modulation amounts and LFO rate in my case.

I did encounter an unexpected behaviour where I automated something with the arpeggiator (could have been octave range, rate, or mode) and it stopped outputting sound instead of switching. Not sure whether this was a bug. It wasn’t happening consistently so it’s probably tricky to repro.

Anyway, perhaps sales will tell whether they continue down this path, but I like the idea of Arturia emulating their own instruments.


Very interesting sounds! Thanks!

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I find the MiniBrute V shines with the MicroFreak as a controller (compared to K37). The MF touch keyboard seems to make a difference. And the MF adds a sequencer to MiniBrute V.