What you like the next iteration of Freak "Series" to look like?

I love the MiniFreak Synthesiser but have wonder what would it could be if the original concept was upgraded.
I would personally love to have synth something like this:
2 layer synth with each layer being the MiniFreak Synth Engine (2 OSC, Filter [maybe filter adsr?], ADSR , arpeggiator)
4 LFOs
Customizable Vibrato LFO
Polyphony of 10
4 Marcos
Larger Mod Matrix e.g. having Aftertouch/ Velocity separated.
What’s other people’s opinions on this idea?

My dream about “Megafreak“…and then the alarm clock rang :laughing:
Everything what Minifreak has plus:
• 12 Voice polyphony
• Suboscillator with switch between triangle or square sub
• Noise generator (white and pink noise)
• Analog filter 12dB and 24dB mode
• Filter drive knob (pre filter saturation)
• 2x ADSR Envelope (for VCA and VCF)
• 8 GB Memory for user multisamples and wavetables
• 128 steps (8 bars) sequencer
• Add new Shimmer Reverb and BBD Delay in FX section
• 512 factory and 512 user preset slots

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I love to 20 voice Polyphony with Poly aftertouch keyboard
Bigger mod martix e.g. more pages
2 synth layers:

  • 4 Oscillators —> 2 per layer with separate
  • ADSR (10 vocies for each layer)
  • Steiner-parker Filter for each layer
  • Arpeggiator for each layer

4 LFOs
Customizable Vibrato LFOs
Maybe have Analogue Multi-Mode filter for each layer
Noise Generator

Yeah it’s very nice dream, but we have to understand one crucial thing. Freak series are not virtual analog, therefore there’s not matematicaly modeled filters, but true analog VCF’s . And every single voice has own VCF filter and own VCA circuit. That’s why real analog polysynthesizers are so expensive :laughing: So, if we don’t want Megafreak with cost 3500 € we have to moderate our demands (dreams) :blush:
One thing…(you probably know that), you have already customizable vibrato LFO in Minifreak, do you? Use Shaper to create LFO with customized shape (you can even save 8 user shapes) and add it in MOD Matrix to Pitch.

Maybe My dream can for the PolyFreak.