What settings for closest emulation of the original?

Obviously all the effects should be turned off, as should the Sub Osc, Vibrato and Distortion.

But what about the settings in the hidden top panel? Are the default settings - i.e. the settings they return to when double clicked - meant to be the most accurate?

Bass Boost and PW both default to 0.5. PW sounds fine to me but what about the boost? Should that be turned to 0?

Accent Attack, Cutoff Range and Pitch Tracking all default to 0. Noise Gain defaults to -84 dB and Clipper defaults to 9 dB. Should any of those be changed at all?

I hope someone from Arturia can answer. I did check the manual but there was nothing regarding this.

HI Synth,
The best thing to do is, as you say, switch off the effects for starters.
The thing is, way back when the hardware was first made, no two units sounded exactly the same. The technology just wasn’t as advanced as today and some components just weren’t as consistent, so there is variance between supposedly identical units… There are some great videos on youtubne by the excellent Anthony Marinelli, where he goes into this subject over the course of his videos.
Digging out some old tracks from back when and trying to match their core sounds is probably the best way to go about this.