What is yellow ring around knob (not LFO mod apparently?)

Sorry if I missed something obvious in the manual, but many presets load up with yellow rings around certain knobs that don’t seem to correspond to LFO mod assignments, or anything else that I can discern.

For example, if I load “Hammer And Anvil” I see a yellow ring around Engine 1’s Freq Mod, as well as a partial yellow ring around Fold…but there are no mod assignments. If I load up “Knots and Buttons,” there are partial yellow rings around Skew Mod, Fold Mod and Cutoff for Engine 1, but again, no apparent connection to any modulator.

I’m in v4.01.2949 on a win10 machine. Thanks!

Hi! Eugerfooger! Don’t be scared, that yellow ring is for the “tips” suggestions. If you see up in the right corner, there’s a lightbulb. If you deactivate the yellow lightbulb you’ll not see that yellow ring. It is only the sound designer suggestions.

I hope this will help you! Have a good day!

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In addition : You can ie read about sounddesign tips in Pigments manual section “11. SOUND DESIGN TIPS”.
It can be usefull for your own preset designs.


excellent, thank you both!