What inside AstroLab

Hi there.
There’s one think wondering, if AstroLab works on Linux, then what archtecture of CPU was used…

Obviously Arturia aren’t going to officially comment. Maybe one of the tech channels on YT will actually buy one and strip it down.

I place a bet on Raspberry Pi clone. :wink:

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It’s an absolute shame that companies like Arturia do not promote Linux.

How many CPU cycles are the OS manufacturers going to waste before we say enough. MS and Apple spend a ridiculous number of cycles just spying on you. And, they are making it virtually impossible to do anything “*** - !!OFFLINE!! - ***” - including a license verification every time a program - that I can no longer own - starts. For those to young to remember, we use to purchase software, where we owned it.

Why do I have to be connected to you to perform a live performance where “being connected” is a threat to the performance. This is BS!

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Her’s a list of supported architectures, gnome (I tried KDE but pre :grin:fer gnome):

I think Rasberry PI is based on Debian (like Ubuntu and many other), Angelina.
So it’s a good bet.

Sorry but i don’t get the point of your comment: Arturia is not an OS producer or vendor, they sell Musical Software based on the current main OS plattforms, so what “MS or Apple” do to spy you is not their business in my opinion.
Licensing systems keys such as iLok, codes and so on, grants your offline live performance, maybe some companies (such Waves or Roland and UVI) gives you the opportunity of using ALL their products via subscription plans, but is maily for Studio use and that’s why the license has to be checked before use.

And, last but not least, if you read the small writings since the beginning of computer era, NO company ever “sold” their software, so you never ever own it: everyone gives you the permission of use for their product, with or withot copy protection checking systems, so you never - except for specific products - “buy” the software, that’s why you do not get the source code; there are license terms agreement scripts you apply and have to agree every time you get a commercial software but this does not grants you the ownership of the product.

Different thing is the open source community things, and they are welcome, but is something totally different.