What do think of the idea of open-sourcing the firmware?

This would allow the great community of hackers to fix the stability problems and add features. I’ve been preparing my setup for the center of a live performance and for the first time it randomly locked up completely, had to do a power toggle and lost some of my work. I’m now rethinking whether I invest any more time using it in a live setup.
The money made by Arturia pays for the original development in the firmware and hardware and nobody is going to take that away if the code is open-sourced.
I realize that the profit-minded at Arturia will complain that keeping a design alive for too long serves legacy owners that Arturia may want to buy a new product instead but I think that is wrong thinking and potential customers would LOVE the idea of getting something supported by a community.
Of course there are warranty issues so if a custom firmware was installed it might be grounds to break the warranty on new machines, but they could approve and even adopt a better software for those situations and the vast amount of used devices would help Arturia’s reputation.
Off-load your HW programmers Arturia, it will cost you nothing! (But don’t force crap on us either then expect the community to do all the updates)


It’s a bad idea from a security perspective. I would only update from Arturia’s site.

I would love to see what community members could do to take this hardware to the next level

It’d be great, but I don’t see any evidence of Arturia wanting to do down that road. Probably far simpler when you’re a single-product company like Synthstrom and the Deluge, rather than Arturia with an endless pipeline of product development, it probably becomes a lot more problematic.

The KSP is still enjoyable for me, now that I’ve accepted its place in my setup (really as a quick inspiration / songwriting machine), but in a live environment it can be a bit twitchy. I ended up with a Squarp Hapax for sequencing and a Novation SL61mk3 for keys - and whilst this approach isn’t as fun as the KSP (and a lot more expensive lol), it is a lot more stable and predictable in the live environment.