What brand and model of chair in KeyLab 88mkII AD

What brand and model of chair in KeyLab 88 mkII AD?

Hi @Payne we’re glad to see you here!

As this choice should be based on everyone specific needs of size and preferences the only real suggest that I can give you specially for the KL88 mkII is our wooden legs that you can find in our Amazon store
Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 12.05.14

No no no! I mean this:

Ah yeah @Payne as I said before it all depends on your size, preferences… and budget.

I would suggest you to check the ratings on the websotres based on your preference, would you prefer the classical keyboard bench? or would you prefer something more like a Drum throne?

From there I guess you have plenty of options.
Good luck in your research!

I prefer drum thones. But my question is exact about stool from ad.

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I would say it is pretty close to this TAMA or this one or this other one @Payne