What Audio Interface will match?

Just downloaded the MS-20 V, first impressions… Wow! Now that I’m using somewhat “old” Pc system", but at least Komplete Audio 6 from NI. Does this thing sound better from some any other audo interface, for example, Audient?

I can see it´s obvious that my computer has some trouble keeping up in the DAW state…

What is your experience on this? Please give your comments!

Seeing we’re on an Arturia forum it would be really remiss if I did not recommend Arturia’s own MiniFuse audio interface. You could splurge on their full AudioFuse interface but that’s going to be overkill if all you’re using it for is playing virtual instruments.

<<I can see it´s obvious that my computer has some trouble keeping up in the DAW state…>>

Yeah a word about that. Bear in mind that no audio interface is going to help you if your PC is sluggish and not up to delivering the processing power demanded by modern VSTs. Maybe you’ve looked at the minimum spec recommended by Arturia, but truth be told that’s not enough.

Arturia, along with their competitors, always tend to be a bit optimistic regarding the recommended minimum system requirements they quote. Truth is, by the time you factor-in the overheads used by the computer OS + DAW + other VSTs playing at the same time + miscellaneous background processes, you’ll be really struggling on a ‘minimum requirements’ config. I’ve read people say “well I’ve got 128GB RAM how can that not be enough when the minimum spec says 4GB” (for e.g.). RAM is not the issue if the processor is just not fast enough. The magnificence of modern VSTs takes a lot of processing-power to pull off.

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