What actually comes with Essential's Analog Lab V?

I’m considering purchasing, and having a bit of a hard time finding out what exactly comes with Analog Lab V.

On the Essential Mk3 page, it says (emphasis mine)

“What software & sounds do you get with KeyLab Essential mk3? From a full copy of Analog Lab to a library of over 4 million samples, you’re fully equipped for whatever music you want to make.”

On its own page, ALV says it’s $200.

Elsewhere online I’ve read that the version that comes with the Essential is limited, and that adjustments can’t be made to the instruments.

I don’t believe everything I read, but figured I’d ask here.



Afaik the differences between the Analog Lab versions is the number of presets.
All Analog Lab’s only give you limited editing possibilities unless for those presets where you beside also own the full applications in which they where created. Otherwise there is no reason to buy the full individual applications.

You get the software described on the Keylab Essential site. The samples has nothing to do with Analog Lab, as you can tell reading the site carefully.
The only thing that puzzels me is that on the Keylab Essential site it say you get the full version of Analog Lab and it has over 7000 presets, but on the full Analog Lab versions site it say it has 2000 presets. I don’t if it should say you get 2000 presets, or you actually get more, but then it would be more presets than the full version of Analog Lab. Only Arturia cann tell you if the 7000 presets are correct. Seems odd to me, if you get 7000 presets. Look like an typing error. But i as a user can’t tell.

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Yeah, it’s confusing. I’ve emailed support, though.

“The samples has nothing to do with Analog Lab, as you can tell reading the site carefully.”

What are presets? I’ve read it carefully (and do a lot of editing of technical writing) and really don’t understand what “full version” means, since there only seems to be the “full version” and the Demo.

Analog Lab plays presets/ sounds made in the software instruments you can see on Arturias sales site. It’s the instruments in V-Collection, Pigments and others. Those instrumnents are the full individual applications not to be confused with a full version of Analog Lab.
Here you can see all the applications: https://www.arturia.com/products#software-instruments,software-instruments-effects

Also Analog Lab add the possibility to combine 2 presets/ sounds into one. And Analog Lab also have it’s own effect and mixer section.

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No reply yet.
I understand what Analog Lab does after watching a a view videos - but still haven’t been able to figure out what’s included with it due to the conflicting info…

Hello? Still no official answer.

The only difference between the two is the number of presets from the V Collection instruments. Intro has 500 presets. The full-priced Analog Lab has 2000.

Intro info:

Arturia - Analog Lab Intro - Analog Lab Intro

Full Analog Lab version:

Arturia - Analog Lab V - Analog Lab V

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The sales site say It’s the full version of Analog Lab but 7000 presets and not 2000 like the Full Analog Lab version have when bought alone. Nothing about Lite version or 500 presets.