Warning about 96 KHz sample rate

I’m using Modular V3 in Reaper with a project initially set to 48 KHz sampling rate and later to 96 KHz.

When the project was still set to 48 KHz, at some point I started getting a warning message when I loaded the Modular V FX window, something about the plugin not working above a 96 KHz sampling rate.

I am aware that FX chains can oversample (in Reaper) so I made sure that wasn’t happening. So the project rate really was 48 KHz and I don’t know why I got this message.

I then changed the sample rate to 96 KHz to see if it would sound different, and kept getting the warning message.

Any idea what’s going on, and whether this presents a real problem?

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Hi @Mike1127 ,

What do you mean by this? What window is that?

I understand you can use Modular V with 96 KHz samplerate.

As far as i recall, then Arturias recommend 44.1 and 48 KHz, the applications can run 88.2 and 96 KHz if your soundcard can but not above 96 KHz.

I don’t know about the warning, but it seem to be correct in telling you that you can run Modular V3 in 96 KHz but not above.

@LBH Sorry for unclear English in my original post. I mean the window showing the Modular V controls. In Reaper this appears as a popup when you click on the track’s FX button. The warning doesn’t always appear, and when it does, it’s worded as if to say “You are exceeding the limits already”. It blocks access to the controls until I dismiss it. It actually didn’t appear for about a week after I started using Modular V every day and then one day mysteriously appeared even though my project sample rate was still 48 KHz.

Okay so it’s a Reaper window. Thanks.

Can you run 96 KHz?
I don’t know anything about Reaper, so i don’t know, if it has a speciel functionality about sample rates.

Is the warning popup a Reaper popup too?
If it’s a Modular V popup, then you can try to delete the preferences through Arturia Software Center.

LBH: aside: how do you quote posts in your reply?

The warning window doesn’t look like a Reaper window… based on the font and styling (it’s not Reaper style). It looks like the Arturia plugin is graying out the Modular V controls and presenting this message on top, until I dismiss it. Now, it hasn’t appeared in a while and the Modular V is still working okay, so I guess I’ll keep going. But I may contact support. I don’t have much free time and as long as it keeps working I may just keep going with it.

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