Volume Seems to change randomly

Im using Minifreak V in FL Studio and im running into an issue where the volume jumps from about -6 to -9 DB then drops to -12 to -15 DB. Cant seem to figure out what is causing this. All my other channels/plugins are staying a consistent volume. This happens when just using my midi controller to play the VST as well as when playing the pattern back within the playlist. Not sure if im just missing something simple here but any ideas would be appreciated.

Hi @joemiibo . Welcome to the community.

Is it happening with all presets? If so then perhaps try to reinstall MiniFreak V.

After doing some testing it seems to be just with my custom preset that I made. Perhaps I have something set up incorrectly then. I do notice now too that it only happens when i hold out a chord. Then it gets stuck at a lower volume but if I select the chord enable button then play a note/chord it goes back to normal volume. Also I did reinstall just to make sure that wasn’t the issue.

Ok, I think I solved the issue even if I dont fully understand it lol but basically I switched the polyphony within the Fruity wrapper to mono and that fixed the issue. I had the voices set to Unison on the minifreak and that was causing some strange effect with the volume when playing chords. Like I said I dont fully understand why but otherwise I’d say problem solved. Tho if anyone has any insight on that I’d be grateful to hear it.