Voice seems to not obey envelope

Hello there!

I have been using my minifreak for almost 5 months, and it’s the first time I noticed something… weird.

I start with an INIT patch - no routings on mod matrix, no other settings changed. I increase the main envelope’s attack to, let’s say, 3 o’clock.

Now, I press a key 3 times. Two out of three notes obey the envelope, but… the third doesn’t! This behaviour seems to also be dependent on the voice mode…

Mono: Every key press obeys the envelope
Poly: 2 out of 3 notes obey the envelope
Para: Every key press obeys the envelope (!)
Uni: No key press obeys the envelope

I tried the same experiment on the Minifreak V. None of the above behaviours - things work as expected.

I also tried different poly allocations/stealing modes etc. Nothing fixed this.

What would you suggest I do?