Voice + Filter pan

Hi, can you help me a little to understand the function of Voice + Filter pan? When I turn on this function and I’m in parallel mode, the user manual says: Voice + Filter pan: The “Voice pan” effect described above takes place when the Series/Para control is set to Series. At the other extreme, Parallel mode pans the Ladder filter to the left and the Steiner to the right. And now what I don’t quite understand. In this mode I will set the Ladder filter to minimum and Steiner too. Of course, I can’t hear anything now. At this moment I turn the Ladder filter cut off to maximum, but I can hear it on the right side. I put the Ladder cut off back and now I put the Steiner cut off to the right and I hear to the left. In the manual it is written that Ladder is panned to the left and Steiner to the right. However, if I turn the values up on both filters, then I can already hear that Ladder emerges from the left and goes to the right, and Steiner emerges from the right and goes/goes to the left. Is the panning meant so that it goes from left to right when the cut off is at the maximum value? Because I understood from the manual that it should simply be the Ladder on the left, but it behaves as I described. Sorry for the complicated and long question, but I’m confused.

Well it seems there is a mistake in the manual. It is the other way round for me too : ladder panned to the right and Steiner to the left.

However I believe the panning change you are talking about is a psychoacoustic effect : as the cutoff frequency goes higher, both filter output’s frequency spectrums converge to the same spectrum (ie a non-filtered VCO wave) but not at the same rate (because the Steiner filter has a 12db/octave slope and the ladder filter a 24db/octve slope), which makes the highest part of the frequency spectrum move in the stereo field. Hence your feeling although panning doesn’t change.

Try this simple experiment to convince yourself :

  • cut both VCOs outputs with their respective mixer buttons (ie no led lit)
  • put both filter resonance to max
  • make sure Steiner’s cutoff frequency is way different from Ladder’s cutoff frequency
  • hold a key while turning the Master Frequency knob (make large moves in case you hear nothing first) and listen to the sound. You should clearly hear two different notes panned respectively left and right, which means panning doesn’t change when opening both filters.

Ok I’ll try it tonight, but you have the same as I undertood.? Thank you

Yes, same for me.

Btw don’t forget you can easily modulate independently Steiner filter pan and ladder filter pan thanks to the matrix.

I tried the features of panning and this is crazy. Polybrute is sick and I love it.

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