Virus found Is it real

Been using this since release. last week this popped up on Windows defender

C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets\Buchla Easel V\Factory\Factory\Kevin

Any insights as to why it showed up? I do not download libraries and the only updates are Arturia updates.


Hi Barry,

Thank you for reporting this.

At the moment we seem unable to observe any similar issues on our Windows 11 setups with the latest updates when scanning this precise folder and file along with Windows Security:

  • Could you please confirm ensure that all the very latest updates on Windows and Windows defender side have been installed?

-Here’s also the result obtained when uploading this file on “VirusTotal” website to scan it with the most used security applications:

You can do the same here as well:

  • Finally, as a last resort in case this would persist, could you please confirm if adding the “Presets” folder as an exception for it not to be scanned and confirm if this helps avoiding this “False positive” report ?

Of course, make sure to only do this if you ensured downloading and installing our instruments either from the Arturia Software Center or from our website.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

I’ve just scanned the same file on my Win 10 system and it’s come back fine.
Might be worth the OP getting a copy of something like Malwarebytes free and seeing what that says too.
It does sound like a false positive but, it’s always worth double checking just in case.

Thanks for looking at this so quickly. I dug down the path and rescanned it with no flag.

I will let it ride to see if it comes up again.

I don’t download anything for the Arturia V series except from Arturia software Center.


You’re very welcome!

Based on our current analysis everything seem to be fine.

Of course, do not hesitate to drop a line if do see any further similar warnings popping up.

Have a great day!


Thanks for the continued care.

I ran scans on the file, all the files in the folders and a full scan of all of my drives and they all came back OK.

I think this system runs scans a few times a week so if anything comes up I will post here. As I age I care less about the day to day operation of my computer and more the pleasure of using it.

To the community this was odd as I really do not use this instrument much and I recently updated from the Software Center. The virus warning popped up the next time the system ran a virus check.

Hopefully this thread keeps someone else from thinking Arturia has been hacked :wink:

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Just a final follow up. As of today I have had no virus flagging.

I think this wraps up this thread…

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Hi @LilHossBigJake and thanks for letting us know your findings, that’s really good to hear. :grinning: