View current parameter value (without CONNECT)

I searched the manual and the forum, but can’t find the answer:
Without connecting to a computer with CONNECT, is there a way to view the value of a parameter, without changing it?

So, as a simple example: I select a preset, and want to know, e.g., what the cutoff value is.

Hi there,
there is an (as far as I know) undocumented feature:

  • Hold the round “Preset” button pressed and turn a knob.
  • Turning the knob now will not change the actual value. But you can turn the knob to the value place, before returning to adjusting parameters. (1)
  • You can see a rough visual setting of the two morph settings (“A” and “B”)
  • no prescise value is shown

I never use this feature, as I have the “knob catching” set to “Scaled” (default setting). This will change the current value of a knob setting gradually - or as described “scaled”:
Chapter “2.4” in the english manual 3.01 on page 18:
“… Benefit: instant response and smooth changes.”

“…I searched the manual and the forum, but can’t find the answer…”

  • To find a lot of “new owner issues” check also the legacy forum of Arturia - it is still alive, but closed:

This what I’m doing all the time when working on my own patches. It is very handy once you get used to it !