View current parameter value (without CONNECT)

I searched the manual and the forum, but can’t find the answer:
Without connecting to a computer with CONNECT, is there a way to view the value of a parameter, without changing it?

So, as a simple example: I select a preset, and want to know, e.g., what the cutoff value is.

Hi there,
there is an (as far as I know) undocumented feature:

  • Hold the round “Preset” button pressed and turn a knob.
  • Turning the knob now will not change the actual value. But you can turn the knob to the value place, before returning to adjusting parameters. (1)
  • You can see a rough visual setting of the two morph settings (“A” and “B”)
  • no prescise value is shown

I never use this feature, as I have the “knob catching” set to “Scaled” (default setting). This will change the current value of a knob setting gradually - or as described “scaled”:
Chapter “2.4” in the english manual 3.01 on page 18:
“… Benefit: instant response and smooth changes.”

“…I searched the manual and the forum, but can’t find the answer…”

  • To find a lot of “new owner issues” check also the legacy forum of Arturia - it is still alive, but closed:
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This what I’m doing all the time when working on my own patches. It is very handy once you get used to it !

A bit late, but thanks for your answers! Is there a way to listen to the original and compare to the edited version? (other than saving a snapshot and jumping from snapshot to saved preset)

Only snapshots can be used to compare the edited and the original version.
I guess you know the shortcuts to snapshots, but just in case :

  • press Save button once to save a snapshot
  • press and hold Settings button and press Save button to access snapshots.

Thanks Michael. I knew the shortcut, but others may profit from your addition :slight_smile:

I find it a pity that there is no quick way of comparing current edit to saved state. I use this all the time when editing on my Prophet Rev2.

The PB has another quick & easy method for comparing the edited/current sound with any preset:

To do this you hold Save and press a matrix cell as usual. Now you can audition the preset stored in that cell. You can continue to press matrix buttons to compare more presets. If you only wanted to compare, press the back button (button “2”) and no save will be performed.


Hey cool, that is precisely what I was looking for! Thanks a lot.