VCO1 Tune on Polybrute Connect move inscontantly

When I use Polybrute connect standalone, the VCO1 Tune move from right to left when I release a note. Also, when I use Aftertouch, the Tune button becomes fool moving inconstantly in all direction. I have not this problem when PB is connected in my DAW (Studio one) or when I play on the PB without PB connect. Any ideas??? Is it a bug?

I’m not noticing any problem with mine. Is there a particular preset you are seeing this happen with?

It’s happening on every preset, I think, like Brute embrace, Cassette RFI, A B trip or Dynamic apps and Cinematic Strings on Factory 3.0. I am working with MAC M1, and my PB is on version 3.0.

Is it possible you have something else connected that is sending MIDI CC messages? (MIDI CC# 66 is VCO 1 Tune parameter)

Maybe try setting MIDI>Enable CC on Knobs to OFF and see if the problem goes away. If so, I think your Polybrute is receiving that CC from somewhere.

Wow! ok… I saw in my midi monitor in Studio One than the Arturia Keylab MKII send a lot of aftertouch messages… so I turned it off. But the problem still there. I put Enable Midi on PB at off… same problem. I turned off all the midi devices except the PB. Same problem.
So, the USB connexion of the PB pass through a hub. In fact, I have 2 hubs connected on my MBP and the problem is the same whatever the hub used. So, I decided to connect directly the PB in the MBP bypassing the hub and Voila! Th problem is solved! or almost… I thing I have to found wich device produce the CC. I will verify further my Keylab. Thanks Talahamut, at least I understand what’s happening!

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It could also be dried up salsa in between the keys. Happens to me all the time.

Haha! I never ate in my studio!!!