(v3.0) Split - not working as expected on certain presets?

Dear all, I have a strange experience with some of mine, but also on at least one new 3.0 preset:

  • “Atonal Energy” is an example
  • Split point is at C4 (due to +1 oct)

Trying to set the split point somewhere else is not working (…working in other presets fine)

Any idea?

Hi @StudioDeutz we’re glad to see you here!

Thanks for reporting this issue and sorry to read this, in order to help you better please log in to your account to contact our Technical support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap:

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Done - Support contacted.

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Hey all,
support was quick to get back to me.
I would like to give a few statements to this:

  • Setting the split point with Timbrality set to Single (or Layer) does not work directly on the PB
  • The split is for the sequencer in those cases only (flashing LED)
  • One workaround is to clear Single or Layer mode and set the split point then
  • Setting the split point in Connect (split bar slider above the virtual keyboard) works without turning off Single or Layer mode (obviously it is possible to do so)
  • Whether it was possible on PB directly in V2.x - I do not know and I will not turn back for this. Too many good news in V3.x

Extract from the manuals V2.x and V3.x: Single/Split modes
The keyboard is split in Sequencer mode, with the lower zone triggering and transposing the sequence and the upper zone open for playing live. Hold [Timbrality] and press a key to set the split point.

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