Using DrumBrute with PolyBrute—Opinions?

I’m thinking of getting a DrumBrute Impact to go with my PolyBrute. If you’re doing this, how are you connecting them for sync and output—parallel through a DAW and mixer or inputting the DB into the PB directly somehow? Do you like your results? Thanks!

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Hi Kretzpah,

I have a MatrixBrute and recently bought a DrumBrute. I have a Scarlett 4i4. A small Yamaha mixer MG06x is plugged in the Scarlett rear input (3-4). In the front input (1-2) of the Scarlett, I plug the MatrixBrute in mono (2) and the kick drum of the DrumBrute in mono (1). The DrumBrute hi hats are plugged in the mixer without effects and the rest (snares, toms, FM) are plugged in stereo in the mixer with a bt of reverb.

I have a beatstepro controlling the MatrixBrute through midi and the drumtrack is sent to the DrumBrute through the MatrixBrute midi Trhu.

Without a BstPro, I would send clock sync from the DrumBrute sync out to the MatrixBrute sync in (a simple audio trs stereo cable does the job).
Using a midi cable to the MatrixBrute and a sync may result in doulbling the tempo.

When you say inputting the DB in the PB, do you mean through Audio input?

Every setup is different. Hope it may give you some ideas. I hope others will share their thoughts.

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Thanks Francoise. I’m using Logic Pro and a Yamaha mixer. A lot of times I just want to keep things simple for practicing and experimenting so routing sync from the DB to PB sync in sounds delightful. I will probably end up sending DB audio to the mixer but I was curious to see what others are doing. Looking forward to getting one!

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In Quebec, TRS cable are 2$ Can (1,50 US) in our dollar stores. They’re stereo but I never add a problem with syncing or patching from BstPro to MatrixBrute. You’ll need some if you want to send DrumBrute Impact to different outputs (maybe with 1/4 adaptor for the mixer). Have fun with both instruments!

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Thanks! Luckily they seem to breed in my cable box—I’m always pulling them out when I’m looking for something else

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I picked up a DrumBrute today and, thanks to Francoise, got it working with my other equipment without problems. Syncing with the PolyBrute was also simple. I’m really looking forward to using the polyrhythm features—great addition to the studio