Using drum pad to generate chord

I want to use the KeyLab Essential as a controller to play midi sounds from another keyboards. Basically a two-keyboard stage setup. My idea was to use the drum pads to send midi data to play whole chords, i.e. multiple notes from one pad.

However, in the MIDI control center it seems to be impossible to assign more than one note to a pad. How can I achieve this? Is there another way to program the control elements?

Hi @Indy . Welcome to the community.

The pads can be set to play midi notes as you say. Keylab Essentiel MK3 also have a Chord mode. Does’nt that work?
Please consult the manual about using Chord mode.

Hi, and thanks,
chord mode is probably sufficient for my current use case since I need a single chord.

But what if I want multiple diatonic chords in a song (C major, A minor, …)? In my understanding the chord mode works with chords of the same quality. For such a case I would like to program the drum pads to play my common chords,
So, again, is that possible with the Keylab Essential and the MIDI control center?


Keylabs Essential MK3 have Chord and Scale mode that can work together.

Just looked. According to the manual:
Chord only works in conjunction with the keys, not the pads