Using A Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4 to control Arturia's Prophet V

Hi. I have a Prophet-5 Rev 4, and I am using it as a controller for Arturia’s Prophet V. It’s pretty easy to map the controls using MIDI learn, but I’m coming across a series of issues. One is that the frequency controls don’t seem to correspond - the same knob position on the Rev 4 sounds out of tune with the Prophet V (not just slightly - several tones). Another is that the buttons for, say, oscillator waveform selection switch the V’s waveforms off, but not on again. Does anyone know of a video showing how to properly get the two aligned? I’ve looked in a few places but couldn’t see any. Thanks!

Hi @jdp . Welcome to the community.

Great it’s possible to use a original Prophet as a controller.

Unfortunately the accuracy of the parameter positions is’nt like a original.

The buttons behavior is about how the buttons on the hardware work.

I don’t know, if you can change the controls behavior on your hardware Prophet. I assume there will be something in it’s manual about it if so.

I hope you find a way.