Using a pedal controller

Is there any way I can use a double pedal such as BOSS FS-6 (BOSS - FS-6 | Dual Footswitch) in my Keylab 88 essential keyboard?

I am using a single pedal, configured to send a midi change program message. In fact, I use it to change to the next program.

I wonder If I could use a double pedal to do the same, but with different functions each pedal (for exemple pedal A to “program up” and Pedal B to “program down”).

I tryed to do it but didnt succeed, because when I use a stereo cable to conect the pedal (as there is only one jack – sustain - input on the back of my keyboard) it only seems to recognize the pedal B. I tryed different configurations but in any case, both pedals A and B send the same midi command, so theres is no gain in using a double pedal.

Am I doing anything wrong or is my intention not possible?

I noticed that on the new “keylab 88 essential mk3” the jack input is identified as “control” and not as “sustain”. Are there any significant differences?

Hi @salomao. Welcome to the community.

Afaik you only have functionality for one pedal in MK2. So no.

The pedal input channel in the MK3 can be use both for sustain, modulation and expression pedal. That mean it must be able to be used as a continous control and not just as on/ off. I don’t have the controller. Not sure what the difference is between Expression and Modulation. Perhaps that’s an text error on sales page.

I don’t think you can use a double pedal in MK3 either, if that’s your question.

I have seperate sustain and expression pedals with tte mk3 88 and they both work great, but i have to switch the pedal mode in the midi control center app. I dont know what a double pedal is but if it has sustain and expression the best it could work is use one pedal at a time that you would switch from using mcc. An alternate option if you need both is to use a sustain pedal in mk3 and a sepetste usb midi expression pedal. They are not cheap though.