User bank sounds stopped working after Analog Lab upgrade

I upgraded from AnalogLab V to Pro and found that some user bank sounds stopped working in my DAW (Live) after the upgrade - no playback despite the track being enabled and the sound reselected from the VST.

I opened a ticket with Ableton support as the track freeze function crashed the app. After removing tracks with custom sounds it began working. I then recreated the custom sounds, reassociated them to the tracks and everything worked as expected.

The Live crash log had the error VST3: exception thrown from class Steinberg::Vst::IAudioProcessor * __ptr64::process: No diagnostic information available.. This implies that the VST was the root cause.

Is there something special I need to do to upgrade custom patches or is this likely to be an issue with upgrades?

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It might be worth trashing your database and letting ALV update it.

If you’re on Windows, you can find it here C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets and the file you are looking for is called db.db3.

I’m not sure where this is located if you’re on a Mac, should be easy enough to search your system for it?

Once you have deleted the file, just run ALV again and give it a few minutes to reconstruct your database, how fast depends on your system spec and how many Arturia instruments you have on your system.


Thank you. I saw this post elsewhere and this resolved the problem without deleting any user presets.

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Great stuff!

Glad to see you’re up and running again now!
Thanks for letting us know :sunglasses: