User Advice sought: "best" actual Piano patch (h/w SoundBank style) for Minifreak?

I’ve got a minifreak, v2.0.0.1478, which I enjoy a lot for what it is. I typically use the standalone h/w patches, or when used with a laptop/desktop, use Minifreak V, Analog Lab Play(free), and/or Pigments. This may be a naive question, but which is the best real “Piano” (upright, baby, or grand) patch available within a given (Sound Banks collection) that is compatible with the Minifreak?
I’m also aware of various software VST style collections, e.g. _Piano V($249), _Augmented Grand Piano(augmented Piano VST), etc but these all require using Minifreak as a “generic” MIDI controller with a computer. For now, I really like the small form factor of the standalone h/w Minifreak for its nice portabililty, but realize I may have to step up to a Keylab Essen 61 Mk3 MIDI controller or other MIDI controller (probably with Analog Lab Pro at minimum, assuming it has some decent real piano sounding patches. Or… eventually buy _Piano V or _Augmented Grand Piano? Ideas? advice? TIA

The Microfreak has a very simplistic piano sound in its factory samples, but that oscillator type hasn’t made it to the MiniFreak yet, so MiniFreak probably isn’t capable of getting close to a real piano. In MiniFreak V, the “Piano” category of presets doesn’t have anything remotely “real” sounding.

If you do want to try using the MiniFreak as a MIDI controller, there are a lot of free piano VSTs available (Soniccouture has “Hammersmith Free”). Analog Lab Pro also gives access to nice Piano V and Augmented Piano presets, but I’m not sure what the Play version has.

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