USB hub OK in the hub plugs?

Want to plug in something like this into the rear HUB USB jack so I can connect three synths in the same rack. Any issue with that?

I just did a quick test with an unpowered 4-port USB hub plugged into the 16rig front panel USB HUB jack, with the Polybrute and Microfreak plugged into my hub, and both worked fine. Microfreak received power and transmitted MIDI over USB (and audio over audio cable) and Polybrute transmitted MIDI data over USB.

If you are using the USB to provide power to multiple devices, you might be limited by how much current can be supplied over the USB connection. Using a powered hub would probably alleviate that issue, but I don’t want to promise that won’t cause any issues with the 16rig without Arturia chiming in.

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I do know that @Tim.Arturia recommends the one in this thread, might be worth you checking out.

@submute It should work fine to transmit MIDI data over USB, however, keep in mind this specific USB hub you shared from Amazon has a current output of 500 mA which might be enough to power your three synths but you’ll need to check their powering specifications to make sure it would work.

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If anyone sees this thread and wants to buy the small USB dongle I linked to for purposes of sending MIDI around: don’t. It sticks out to the right side (when facing the front of the 16rig) and blocks the USB-C port :frowning: