USB (host) connect/disconnect causes 16rig instabilities

I’ve experienced symptoms also reported by others whereby the 16rig occasionally becomes unresponsive or refuses to shutdown via the front button, or loses its mixer channel set-up - meaning the sound stops.

I began to notice that I only had these issues if using AFCC and connecting/disconnecting the 16rig to any host via USB (the USB device mode USB-C connector on the back). If I do NOT use this port, I can run for hours without issue. So I generally worked around the issue by setting everything up (using AFCC) then rebooting the device before the session.

Yesterday, I accidentally discovered I could immediately reproduce the buggy/flakey behavior simply by connecting the 16Rig to a Linux host (I mixed up USB cables) instead of my macbook. The 16rig entered that buggy state, ultimately requiring a hard (unplug) power-down to return it to a usable state.

For a “class-compliant” USB device/gadget, I feel this should not happen - at worst if the implementation is not properly class-compliant, the host will reject what is being offered by the device/gadget. But the device itself should not become unstable/unusable/effectively crash as a result of being connected to a particular host.

For any arturia people monitoring this, is it a known issue that the device/gadget mode USB implementation in the 16rig has bugs? By just connecting/disconnecting from a (ARM linux) USB host, my 16rig enters that state where either it won’t power down or the sound stops or the mixer channels get reset.