USB expansion recommendations for MacBook Pro

I’m getting ready to replace my 2019 iMac with a 2023 MacBook Pro and was wondering how to accommodate all the USB connections I’ve got now. Some are data-only (my PolyBrute, 2 other keyboards, and a mixer), one is data and power (Midi keyboard). And of course my illuminated Xmas snowman. Most are running off a 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub. Logic Pro X is my DAW.

I am no USB expert so I’m asking you: if you have a recent MacBook Pro, what modern USB hub or expander can you recommend for hardware instruments? Also, are you typically running USB-B to A/C/thunderbolt/whatever cables? I can give you more details if you need them. A good, but confusing problem. Thanks!

Congrats, you’ll love the new MacBook. For expansion (I have an M1 MacBook), I use an Aukey hub, which has three USB-A ports (in addition to HDMI for my external monitor and a USB-C input for the power cable). I’ve also got a regular USB-A to quadruple USB-A hub because I now need a more USB midi inputs for all my control surfaces! So I plug that into one of the USB inputs on the Aukey, and now I have six USB-A inputs available. My keyboards and controllers all plug into USB-C ports on the hubs. I have a Presonus Quantum 2626 8-channel mic preamp that plugs directly into a second thunderport port on the laptop.

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Hello !

That’s a nice question indeed, USB hubs are now part of our setup and we all know that there are some really bad candidates in the pool.

At Arturia, we use a majority of Belkin USB-C hub like this one.

I test a lot of things, including FW updates on this hub and it work like a charm. I also use the HDMI feature without any problem.

I think the general rule should be, don’t search for a cheap hub and go for a brand that you know is good.
The hub really should be considered as one of the component of your studio, and cheap ones are really bad.

Cheers ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks—I’ll look for that one