USB cable problems

Hi everyone!

For years I’ve been using the same usb cable (not the one provided in the box, sadly too short) for my Keylab ES 49mk1. Recently, I’ve been experiencing some problems with the cable that never occurred before.

When opening MIDI Control Center, an error box appears saying “device disconnected”, though it is connected and even shown in the Control Centre.

When using the keyboard in my DAW (StudioOne) it often takes several reconnects until there is a midi signal coming in from the keyboard (though it is shown and plugged in external devices).

When opening Analog Lab in my DAW, it often freezes the whole DAW and I have to force quit and reopen. Analog Lab seems to be heavy on my CPU, heavier than ever before.

Again, it has been like this for only like one year and it is getting worse.

I assume the cable itself is done for, so I am planning on buying a new one. Any tips on that? Any specifics I should look for?

Hi @Vex and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

It depends on what use/s you’re going to have, if it’s a fairly short run, then i wouldn’t spend a huge amount on one, just make sure the plugs fit snuggly.
If you’re wanting it for say USB3 or long runs, then Lindy cables are rather good, if not quite expensive compared to most.

It’s also the kind of thing that’s worth having at least one backup for too, so i’d look into that if i were too as well.

I have a USB3 audio interface which won’t work with a cheap USB3 cable over 2m long, i purchased a 3m one from Lindy and it works beautifully!

Just make sure it’s capable of carrying data and not just for charging.


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Hi all,

NI have a quite good explanation in this article about what to look out for:

It’s about the thickness and the quality of the cobber in the cables.

I wish Arturia did a similar article in the FAQ.

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Thx for the reply.

My problem was caused by USB-B cable, which is mostly used for printers. There was a little adapter build into the cable, so I assume that was the cause for it not working properly with my Arturia keyboard.

Today I bought a new cable, one with only connectors on each end and nothing but cable in between. AND IT WORKS JUST FINE :slight_smile:

Thx for the reply!

This article is very intersting, but since my new cable works, I will just save it for later use.

Still I agree with you that articles like these are very usefull and should be made by Arturia as well.

Hi @Vex

Great to see you’re back up and running again.

As @LBH and the article says, high quality ones will have thicker conductors and better, more reliable construction.
The ‘adapter’ you mention, is more likely to be something called a 'ferrite ring ’ which is often installed on all kinds of cables in order to reduce electrical interference/noise, it’s worth getting to know about these kinds of things if you’re serious about music production, seemingly boring yes; but lots of these little boring details added together can add up to a large performance gain or deficit.