USB-C to USB-A cable vs pure USB-C, is there any benefit when using Essential Mk3?

The Keylab Essential Mk3 88 I have came with a USB-C to USB-A cable. I know pure USB-C has a larger bandwidth and faster transfer rate and can transfer more power than USB-A. I’m guessing the USB-C to USB-A cable that came with my Keylab Essential Mk3 88 only maxes out at the slowest part of which is the USB-A port and the USB-C port on the Essential Mk3 is there just because it’s what we all expect now and it doesn’t utilize its USB-Cness to its full potential due to the other part of the cable being USB-A.
Is there any benefit power/transfer/bandwidth wise from just using a pure USB-C cable than the one USB-C to USB-A that came with my device when using the Keylab Essential?