Upgrading MicroFreak with Firmware Update 5.0 | Free update

_Introducing MicroFreak Firmware V5

May 10, 2023, 5 PM CET

Sampling, granular, and beyond.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, MicroFreak evolves once more. The V5 firmware introduces user sample importing, a sample playback engine, 3 new granular engines, enhanced envelopes, and more - for free.

Since its release in 2019, MicroFreak has undergone transformation after transformation; new engines, a built-in vocoder mode, a collaboration with Noise Engineering, and more. Firmware V5 is the next step in MicroFreak’s journey - discover it for yourself today.

:link: Explore the MicroFreak Firmware V5 here

_What’s new?

  • Sample Import & Playback
    Import your own samples, play them back, and loop them for classic sampled textures.

  • Granular Engines
    3 granular engines for wild manipulation of your imported samples.

  • Keyboard Random Source
    You can now transform your keyboard into a S&H-style modulation source.

  • Snappy Envelopes
    Enjoy even shorter attack values with MicroFreak’s envelopes.

  • More Presets
    MicroFreak now has 512 preset slots with over 300 factory presets.

_MicroFreak Stellar Limited Edition

A starbound new look

Discover a limited-edition synth that looks as weird and wonderful as it sounds with a slick all-black exterior, decorated with detailed space-age graphics reflecting its controls - available exclusively from dealers.

:link: Discover Stellar Edition here

_Useful Links and Resources

:information_source: For more information, check out our MicroFreak Firmware - V5 FAQ article.

:earth_americas: Join the discussion in our dedicated MicroFreak forum section to connect with other users and share your thoughts!

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