Upgraded MiniLab 3 firmware is not shown to Analog Lab

MacBook Pro M1 16", macOS Ventura 13.5

I updated my MiniLab 3 firmware with MIDI Control Center. But when I open Analog Lab I see an error: “An essential update to MiniLab 3’s firmware is available. Please update…”. My Products page in Arturia.com says that “upgrade is available”.

No MIDI signal from MiniLab seems to go into Analog Lab and no sound is produced.

Analog Lab plays sounds with mouse and keyboard.

I wonder if there are any known fixes or workarounds…

Hi @mikam6a we’re glad to see you here!

If you are using AL 4 you’ll need to update to AL 5 to be able to use it on your M1 processor.

Please check our FAQ Article about Compatibility with M1/M2 processors

If the problem persists I suggest you to please log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap: