Updated Matrixbrute Patch Viewer now available

Just a minor bugfix to MBPV (Matrixbrute Patch Viewer), reported by a user (thanks!).

The bug was in export to html - the patch name in the HTML headings was showing the previously selected patch name, not the one being exported.
All other exported data was correct, including the name of the exported image files (using patch name in filename).

The latest version & manual can always be found on github GitHub - MatrixbrutePatchViewer/MBPV: The Matrixbrute Patch Viewer as mbpv.zip and MatrixbrutePatchViewer_manual.pdf

(I have not abandoned development on MBPV, it’s just been “on hold” for a while…)

More info on MBPV in the old forum: Free "Matrixbrute Patch Viewer" software (beta) now available


Hi @Brutefactor and good to see you’ve made it here to the new Sound Explorers Forum.

That’s great stuff, I’m sure there will be one or two happy people when they read your post!