Updated Instruments such as V3 to V4

With iterations every years upgraded and updated instruments accumulate. For example, I have V3 and V4 of CS-80 and Mini.
Is it safe to delete the older versions to avoid confusion? Will newer versions always have improvements without dropping old features?

Hi @HaraldS ,

You can as a rule say that, if you can install both versions of an application, then it’s usually because the applications and the presets are not compatible.

In the case of Analog Lab it can be possible to install multiple versions even though the latest version would be able to handle all presets. There can be different reasons to keep multiple versions anyway. That’s up to you and your workflow.

I usually install all versions of Arturias applications, that can be installed alongside each other. If a new version directly is compatible and can do what the previous version can the same way and use the same presets, then the previous version usually will be deleted automaticly, when you update/ upgrade to the new version.

If a new version is’nt compatible with the previous, then it’s usually because it’s rebuild in a way where it’s basicly a new and different application from the previous.

Old discontinuet versions will work on your system as long as your system and your other software support it.

It’s not like all applications are upgraded to new version every year in a way it’s not compatible with the previous version. For some years some of very old applications have been rebuild. There are still some very old applications that need a rebuild.