Update from V Collection 8 to 9

I feel that 299€ are too much for the update. In fact I went along for a few years of updating to the newest suite and I was always happy to do that. But now it need to stop. It is getting to expensive. Now the old suit still works but I feel left behind. I recently got an MPE Keyboard. Now I realise that Arturia is implementing MPE step by step. But unfortunatly with the cost of the the new suite.

HI Lorenzo and welcome to the new forum.
It’s a shame you feel that way.
There are quite a few opportunities to purchase them much cheaper if you wait for a sale, which is what many people do.


V Collection 9 were sold at 199€ at fall sale 2022 to new users without any previous ownership required. So as ‘matjones’ points out then just wait for a sale and buy or upgrade then ! And if price not appropriate then then try waiting another sale. Of course , if you are rich and/or in a hurry then why wait ! :wink: :grin: