Unanticipated triggering of sequencer's Bus 2 steps

Note the tag for this post is not accurate, there is no tag for the V3 version.

I am not sure whether this is a bug, I’ll describe what’s happening below.

Using the VST3 version of the plug-in, I have the keyboard Trig set to start/stop and retrig the sequencer. The Quantized Output B is modulating the frequencies of the oscillators.

The Clocked Gate1 Out is going to the ADSR. From my understanding this should only output the sequencer steps that are switched to Bus 1.

But when switched to 8/2, the sequencer is playing back the steps that are switched to Bus 2. This wasn’t happening the whole time. As far as I know, my only change was to create an automation envelope for the Sequencer Step Size in REAPER. When removing the envelope, the behaviour persists.

Substituting the Clocked Gate1 Out for the Gate Bus 1 output exhibits the same behaviour.

Recreating the patch in a new instance gets rid of the behaviour in that instance, but assuming it’s not supposed to happen, this is not ideal as I don’t know whether it would resurface.

When saving the patch and loading it into a new instance, the behaviour persists. When loading the patch in the standalone version outside of the DAW, it also persists.

Here is the preset.
ARP 2600_Preset_Test_20240203_20h42.arpx (14.1 KB)

So, assuming it behaves the same across systems, you can see the behaviour change when switching between 16/1 and 8/2 on the sequencer.

If it is a bug, my next step is usually to switch over to the normal VST and not VST3, which in my experience has been more stable in other plug-ins, but if users or creators have observed differently, the provision of your insight would be great.

Some system information (can provide more if necessary)

OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Home
Version: 10.0.22621 Build 22621
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor, 3200 Mhz, 8 Cores, 16 Logical Processors

ARP2600 V3 version: (but I updated after the behaviour occurred as part of testing, not sure what the previous version was.)
The synth was not run via Analog Lab.

Hi @longvandyke ,

I don’t understand why you get another behavior in a new preset, if the settings is excactly the same.
As far as i can see, then the preset you have posted is working correct.
When you are in 8/2 mode, you get two 8 steps sequences. Your first sequence is all set to bus 1, and thus it triggers the envelope.

If you only wan’t to trigger the envelope with the last 4 steps in your preset as it is, then you need to remove the BUS 1 settings for the first 4 steps in the first half of you 8/2 sequence too.

If you only wish to use 8 steps single notes, then you also can use the 16/1 sequencer mode and then set the last 8 steps to SKIP.

Thanks, I probably overlooked the states of the switches for the first 8-step sequence when recreating. Did not expect that those would affect whether the notes of the second sequence are triggered. But come to think of it, the gate outputs aren’t split by halves of the sequence like the quantized and sequencer outs are, so that makes more sense now. I’m glad it is working as it should – what a synth!

No problem. It’s easy to overlook things like this.

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