UI annoyingly freeze itself when playing the project in FL Studio

As the title goes. Actually, this happens on a lot of plugins made by Arturia, especially those with decent UI (e.g. Efx Motion, Augmented Series and so on) when using FL Studio as DAW.
Is there anyone who’s experiencing the same problem here? I have a PC with 16GB RAM and AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, which suffice to operate big projects for music production. This problem never happens on any other plugins no matter how much CPU or RAM resources they would consume, and I don’t believe a sound generator plugin would consume so much GPU resources that DAW can’t function normally.
By the way, I use Reaper as well and there’s no problem in the same circumstance. I don’t what’s happening.

Your PC kicks way more derrière than mine does, yet I am not experiencing these issue with any Arturia plugins or synths either standalone or in Cakewalk by Bandlab (2024.02 Build 98)

What is your:

Audio interface, make and model?
Graphics card (Some plugins make use of the GPU for graphic rendering)?
Driver mode (ASIO or WASAPI)?
Sample rate, bit depth and buffer size (mine is 48khz, 24bit, 256 samples)?

Have you:

From the manufacturer’s websites, downloaded and updated your drivers for all of your hardware (not just audio interface)?
Updated to the latest SQ80 V (though you say other Arturia plugins are affected)
Excluded all audio related folders from any antivirus/and antimalware realtime scanning software (I use Malwarebytes premium 5)?
Checked for any background task that could be hogging resources?

Other might come up with other things to check.

Thanks for help!
I have a Native Instrument Komplete Audio 2 for audio interface, NVIDIA GTX 1650 as GPU. Using official latest driver ASIO from NI’s official download link, my studio audio setting is 24bit, 48khz and 512 (or sometimes 1024) samples.
I’m 100% sure that everything is legit and downloaded from official channels. I bought V Collection last year and always update it to the newest version. And I use Huorong Security Software 6.0 as antivirus software, and it never do anything wrong to my music production applications.
Anytime I discover the annoying freeze —— To be more specific, “freeze” means mouse is stuck and your DAW can’t be controlled by anything (including space for pause, DAW Command button on midi keyboard). Usually, it will fix itself after 15 secs or so and everything returns to normal. Sometimes it will keep stuck until I manually shut down FL Studio with no patience anymore —— I’ll check the task manager and I can barely see anything weird from it. FL always functions normally with no “Not Responding” signs or anything else.
And this is exactly why I feel this is weird. Maybe it’s something with FL but not Arturia?

"mouse is stuck ". That looks like a graphics card issue… Can you temporarily swap it out, or if possible, even temporarily remove the Nvidia and use your onboard graphics to test?

Oh my bad. I forgot the difference between PC and Laptop. My computer is a laptop.

The only reason I mentioned graphics card is because I had a similar situation a while a go with other products and it did end up being the graphics card. Swapped it out, problems went away.

I still have a feeling this is a hardware issue -or at least an issue that is outside the realm of the Arturia software.

Do you have a utility that can monitor the temperature of your CPU and GPU?

Nvidia release drivers quite often - you are using version 555.85 aren’t you? I usually check the Nvidia website manually. Maybe try a clean uninstall and reinstall of the Nvidia drivers.

Thanks for your help! I’ll try that